Saturday, 11 September 2010

In which your heroine turns 30 and has a terrible row with her mother....

Let us deal quickly with the birthday.

I enjoyed it.

I remember some of it.

I swear it took me longer to recover from it.

I'm pretty sure that I didn't take any of my clothes off in public - though considering my husband's insistance that I passed out in our hotel bedroom "way before he came up" I'm impressed that I still managed to wake up with my knickers hanging off the dainty and tasteful chandelier in our bedroom. Perhaps I treated myself to a striptease of myself? No wonder I passed out... probably in horror.

I should probably mention, as per recommendations from my lawyers, that I have never met that goat, either previously or during my bithday party celebrations.

So - here I am. A bit older, my liver a bit more scarred, much fatter, possibly a bit wiser (do not, for instance, drink Sambuca after three double Courvoisiers) somewhat wrinklier and, well... a bit more at peace with myself, actually.

Yeah - I know. You're not here to listen to me having a good time. You want misery. A little angst. And I'm just the girl to give it.

Yet... here I am, poised to tell you of the dreadful row I've had with my mum and suddenly... I seem unable to bother. I keep rolling my eyes and shrugging my shoulders. My fingers refuse to dart across the keyboard in excited irritation.

Do you know what?

Perhaps I really did grow up.


  1. I have found hangovers become 50% worse each year after thirty.
    I have extrapolated that in five years when I am forty, should I imbibe anything alcoholic, I will simply die.

  2. I think I may already be there. Though, Sheena - I didn't mention I swam over a MILE today... yup. Good Awful Mother.

  3. Charlotte, where did you find that marvelous aged face? Wonderful!

    Re hangovers, I remember them well. My last one was on March 3, 1979. Uff-da!

    When is your next book coming out?

  4. Ha ha - it's a good face, isn't it?

    I really need to knuckle down and WRITE the next book. I'm waiting for Amazon to sort itself out so I can dedicate some time to publicizing Simon's Choice first. I've had loads of stumbling blocks. Frustrating.

  5. I feel so left out. I've never, ever had a hangover. Really.