Tuesday 14 August 2012

In which Charlotte's marriage breaks down.

Yup, so we split up. I have been a single parent of two young children for nearly a month now.

I doubt this comes as much of a surprise to those that read this blog, nor even those that simply know us, but here we are.

I'd like to write a rip-roaringly funny diatribe about my husband and his failings, but the truth is that would be neither fair nor kind. There is no point in apportioning blame on our mutual failure to keep our family together and indeed it would be inaccurate - neither of us have behaved well.

In a rare moment of seriousness, I'd like to wish Simon all the very best for the future - a future that I hope he allows me to be a part of, as a friend. I wish him no malice at all - indeed, the very opposite. He's very funny, attractive and gentlemanly (when he wants to be) so get in touch with him, ladies.

I've never before posted a photo that isn't a cartoon or stock picture and I hope Simon will forgive me for using his and our daughter's image as the first one - but it is a happy portrait, and one - that if I'm honest - makes me weep a little.

I am gradually beginning to find my sense of humour again, and hope to regale you with more Tales From the Shit-End of Parenting soon - but in the meantime, I'd just like to reflect in silence for a moment on the last nine-years....

....Ooh - and the fact I no longer have to pick up his pants from the bathroom floor.



  1. Divorce is always difficult - I remember going through it from a child's POV... that the main thought in my head was that mum and dad didn't love me any more and it must be my fault they were breaking up.

    Then when I grew up and realised what my parents had gone through... and I apologised to them for making their lives difficult while they were hurting inside and trying to carry on as normal around us.

    This really is a sweet and sensitive post, charlotte - you could have been so much nastier, but you've considered Simon's feelings and kept the nastiness away from the public arena. That will help him, as much as posting the happy picture with help you.

    It will also help your children when they grow up - seeing that their parents have dealt with the pain of ending in a way that is sensible and sensitive.

    well done.

  2. Thank you - I also remember the pain of my parents breaking up (at pretty much the same age as my daughter is now) and I'm very aware of what is written on the internet carries on forever. That said, my sentiments are all true. Simon was my life and love for 9 years - that doesn't stop overnight. I hoped and still hope, that we can be that rare couple that trancend the usual rows and bitterness and hold onto the good bits of the past.

  3. You're right Charlotte, love doesn't stop overnight, it doesn't switch off. I hope you find a way through all this without too many difficulties.

  4. Lovely sensitive post. And a beautiful picture. I hope you both find a way to make peace with each other and yourselves.

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    1. There are very few people who call me that.... Al? xxxxx

  6. Al!!! Long time no chat - don't be a stranger. Are you on FB?

    1. Sent you a friend request, its under mark tunney.

  7. Shit happens eh? Beautiful pic and grounded post. All will be well. xxx

  8. Hullo, Jane! Thanks. Hope all well in the Mad House and Asbo behaving himself. (unlikely) xxx

  9. Sorry to hear this Charlotte, and as others have said, a very pragmatic and sensitive post. I hope you're okay. A shitty thing to go through but you sound like your dealing with it well. Take care of yourself x

  10. Just finished SC and couldn't help but track you down my dear (btw, that hospicefoundation.org for the U.S. is a goner, else I'd have gladly proffered my plastic in a fit of...)

    So sorry to find that you've got a tough challenge of your own right now, but I must say:

    1. I simply had to drop in to tell you personally that imho:



    2. If it's any consolation, I too suddenly became a single mom of 2 at 30-ish, and... Now that I'm a dodderin' lass of "a certain age" (60+), I can fully attest that (in a nutshell)...

    It's all worked out FABULOUSLY!

    (and if you want a peek at some of it - drop into my TravelnLass (dotcom) blog when you have a moment.)

    But mostly, I just stopped by to say...

    Whatever you do: DO.NOT.EVER.STOP.WRITING. For you are truly gifted.

    That and fwiw...

    Chin up, my dear - you no doubt have many adventures ahead!