Simon's Choice

COMING SOON! Simon's Choice, by Charlotte Castle...

Charlotte Castle's debut novel, 'Simon's Choice' is out Summer 2010.

When Simon Bailey's dying nine-year old daughter asks him what will happen when she dies, he assures her that she will go to heaven. When she asks who will live with her, he makes an offer that further rips his family apart - he offers to go with her.

Simon's Choice is an exploration of grief, questioning the traditional understanding of loss and taking us on a journey from the fibre-glass fabricated world of Disneyworld, to Hindu practices of self-immolation in India

Praise for Simon's Choice:

"Powerful! This is life, at it's most ferocious, told with a startling clarity and lucidity."
"A story that tears at the heart, rips the emotions to shreds, yet never becomes mawkish.",

"This is the most emotional and most powerful book I have ever read. I can't praise it too highly."

"Beautiful, heart renching, real, glorious."
"This is a poignant and subtly powerful story, elegant in its economy of words and heart-wrenching in its clarity of emotion."

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