Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bugs and Bloggers

Husband now has sick bug and baby has diarreah/diorrea/diorrya/diarriah - sloppy poos. The place is a veritable germ-fest and I'm beginning to feel slightly guilty that it may be because I've done very little housework this week. Oh, alright. Bugger all housework. I do have a book to promote you know.

I'm going to finish this post and arm myself with every anti-bacterial trigger-spray known to Tesco and go into battle against the bug. Door handles and light switches will not be spared. Any lurgies in this house have only minutes left.

Of course it will all be competely pointless. Arabella will pick it up at school if she doesn't get it here and I can expect another Exorcist/Victoria Falls extravaganza in the middle of the night when she power pukes from the top of her cabin bed, all down its ladder and across most of her room.

Lucky me.

In other news:

Simon's Choice is currently doing the rounds of book bloggers and so far is bringing in excellent (dare I even say 'rave'?) reviews.

I am however trying to contact 'mummy bloggers' as this book deals with issues surrounding parenthood and I feel that it could be of interest to their readers. Whilst book bloggers seem to be great at getting back to you, sadly mummy bloggers not so. Perhaps as they, like me, are up to their armpits in nappies and school projects - but if any of you happen to have a blog and a spare moment - please do drop me a line. (mrscharlottecastle (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

Right. Germ warfare....


  1. Have replied to you! See a mummy blogger who has time to get back to you- if you want something done ask a busy person and all that. Great blog.